Live Chat Plugins to Help you Seamlessly Connect with Users in 2021

  • Manish Sharma
  • 02 Jan 2021

All too often, visitors spend a lot of time scrolling through products on a website and then abandon it without taking any action. This pinches most when the site is an e-shop when leaving visitors means losing customers.

But why do visitors abandon a site? There are two main reasons:

  • There is too much content to figure out.
  • There are a huge inventory and no instruction on how to search for the desired products.

So what is missing? A personal intervention to walk you through the website or products. This is precisely what you get with a live chat plugin. In 2021, when businesses expect an increasing number of customers to reach out online, live chat plugins are a real game-changer.

WordPress sites can employ live chat plugins for both the information they provide, and for sales and promotion purposes. Let’s go over the best live chat plugins to ensure optimum connectivity between websites and their visitors in the coming year.



ProProfs is a handy live chat plugin suitable for all the action waiting for online businesses in 2021. It has a dependable chat system that helps provide a speedy resolution for any queries or complaints. Attending to customer inquiries in real-time helps businesses resolve issues before they grow to be too problematic. Businesses can use the data collected from chats to design products and services, and to make their offerings more intuitive.

ProProfs’ best features are:

  • Canned messages to quicken the response process
  • Announcement support to keep customers in the loop about service updates and promotions
  • Customized chat greetings to give conversations a professional feel
  • More than 50 integrations involving CRM, helpdesk, and a knowledge base to provide error-free and timely information to the customer.


Pure Chat

Pure Chat


Pure Chat is the most promising free live chat plugin for WordPress sites. It allows website managers to address the inquiries of multiple visitors simultaneously. Pure Chat also provides chat history to make sure there is no gap in conversations when a visitor and representative interact more than once.

The most prominent features of Pure Chat are:

  • Facility to email an inquiry if the online conversation is obstructed due to poor internet connectivity
  • Pre-designed responses for faster reply management
  • Unrestricted access to the chat history and previous conversations


Zendesk Chat (Zopim Live Chat)

Zopim Live Chat
Source: Google

Zendesk Chat is distinguished by its user-friendly dashboard, which is also optimized for mobile users. Another unique feature is its helpdesk program which allows users to manage their service and support orders. The facility to manage both inbound and outbound requests contributes to its user-friendliness.

The main features of Zendesk Chat (Zopim Live Chat) are:

  • Allows users to choose from 40 languages
  • Supports chat routing as well as rating and feedback recording
  • Social media can be integrated with this plugin, and the ticketing system offers easy tracking and omnichannel presence.


Source: Acquire.ioAcquire is a wholesome live chat WordPress plugin that equips customer service teams with interactive digital support to make sure visitors receive a good experience. The plugin has several performance-driven features such as AI chatbots, video calling, and secure co-browsing.

Acquire’s main features are:

  • Facility to access live voice calls, chats, and call recordings
  • Multiple extensions
  • Live video assistance features for quick and detailed customer support
  • A metrics report that provides accurate analysis and statistics

With these features, you can ensure a better customer experience for the people coming to the website or app.





Drift is one of the most useful plugins for maximizing email marketing results in addition to providing a live chat experience. This plugin provides data about customers who never opened your emails, so you can target them to incite action. Furthermore, a feedback collection feature is available which helps the website improve its services based on customer suggestions and ratings.

The top features of this live chat plugin are:

  • 24-hour chat assistance
  • Collects visitors’ email addresses
  • Enables easy browser targeting
  • Free when only the basic features are used




LiveAgent is a WordPress live chat plugin that helps integrate a call-center level interface into a help desk that supports multiple channels. Taking feedback, providing information, and addressing questions are easy with this chat plugin. Its most unique feature is a centralized calling system that allows users to interact with customers directly from the website.

Its high points are:

  • Integrated IVR system that allows for fast live interaction with customers
  • Onboarding instructions easily carried out with the IVR feature
  • Campaign management support to help businesses obtain more numbers
  • Escalation management support
  • Call recording, call scripting and call logging support

This plugin allows all entities to be on the same page while interacting with customers, and helps the brand develop a more professional image.





HelpCrunch is designed to resolve any information crunch for visitors to a website or app. This plugin integrates features like an in-app messenger, auto messaging, email automation, and ticketing, in addition to providing live chat support. With such tools available, websites can make campaigns more effective and maximize their customer base.

Its talking points are:

  • Real-time messaging system to keep customers engaged
  • Instant ticketing system to help customers keep track of the issue
  • Helpdesk providing 24-hr assistance
  • An all-round communication system that suits SaaS, online-to-offline, and eCommerce businesses




Co-browsing, Live Chat, and Video Chat are some of the features that make REVE Chat a must-have for your website. This plugin offers reliable support for handling customer queries in real-time, and a quick onboarding process. It also creates the opportunity to gauge customer experience through feedback.

Some of its highlights are:

  • Chat history to save customer’s time
  • Real-time customer feedback recording and integration
  • Multi-channel support to strengthen customer service
  • Real-time engagement with customers through IVR, feedback, and human-like issue resolution.




FreshChat offers excellent live chat support to websites managed by a limited number of people. This plugin is designed to deliver real-time solutions for basic to advanced queries. The timely resolution of inquiries creates a positive customer experience. Apart from customer service management, this plugin also plays an active role in campaign management. Additionally, it offers campaign support based on user browsing behavior statistics.

The best features of FreshChat are:

  • Widget integrates with CRM and helpdesk apps
  • Provides support in categorizing messages according to the channel that will address the issue
  • Notifies customers about conversation outcomes
  • Chat history provided for customized issue resolution


HubSpot WordPress plugin

HubSpot WordPress plugin

This is a plugin that offers tailor-made support to enhance customer engagement. Apart from providing real-time inquiry resolution, the plugin also offers forms and popup provider facilities. With CRM, campaign management, and analytics integrated into the plugin, your business can do much more than merely answer an inquiry.

The most attractive features of the HubSpot WordPress plugin are:

  • Chatbot support that provides 24/7 assistance
  • Automated FAQ answering
  • Customer assistance never goes offline
  • Simple installation applicable to all plans Live Chat Live Chat

Source: Google

With this plugin, you can supervise chat with customers with a monitoring facility. It works on all operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, and helps businesses connect with a broader customer base. This plugin offers great ease in addressing the issues of visitors in real-time.

The best features of Live Chat are:

  • A single multi-utility dashboard
  • Ease of accessing a conversation over multiple websites
  • Assists in bringing in other representatives to solve a customer issue almost instantly
  • Instruction happens in real-time while the customer is in touch


Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio provides a straightforward interface to connect with customers and communicate with other channels like messenger, chatbots, and email marketing campaigns. The live chat function can send messages about the conversation, update them through multiple channels, and build a user information database.

Tidio Live Chat’s most promising features are:

  • A follow-up email to send customers information about the chat instantly
  • Automatically sends campaign material as a response to a customer that shows intent
  • Customizable widget to match company brand
  • Instant response management supported by chatbots


Outcomes You Can Achieve with Live Chat Plugins

By adding a live chat window, website owners can accomplish the following:

  • Convert a visitor into a prospective lead
  • Get a loyal reader out of a casual visitor
  • Boost repeat purchase rate
  • Earn a brand-loyal customer


Keep yourself up to date with live chat plugins for WordPress sites! These add to the function and the aesthetic appeal of the website. For maximum benefit, insert the plugin where it will catch the customer’s attention most easily.

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