How To Start A Fitness Blog; Steps And Recommendations

  • Mary Cuver
  • 20 Aug 2021

 Having a proper plan before starting blogging is essential. This blog post will enlighten the steps you must take to create a stellar fitness blog within no time.


You must be a fitness fanatic on your way to creating a fitness blog if you have landed on this blog post. Getting a blog started is no biggie if you have substantial knowledge of your field, but there are some other aspects you must take care of to kick start your blog.


In this blog, we will discuss all the critical steps you need to be aware of before diving into the blogging arena and how to start a successful fitness blog. This way, you can make better choices when you start creating one.


Let’s get started.


How To Start A Fitness Blog In 2021?


1.      Determine The Goal Of Your Blog


What are you going to talk about to your audience? Is it going to be technology related, automobile focused or a fitness guide? It is your call.


Starting a blog and not knowing where you are heading can be confusing for you and your audience. Therefore, you need to plan out your whole journey of the blog. Deciding on the primary goal of your blog is the first step toward your goal.


Proceeding without a goal will make your blog look like it’s all over the place, the tone will be inconsistent, so will be the topics of your blog, and we all know that inconsistency doesn’t hook the readers.


The About page, the intro page, and the theme must give the vibes related to your blog’s purpose, so your audience knows they are at the right place.


Here are some ideas to gear your blog towards:

  • If you are known in your circle for your splendid fitness routine, then share it with the world in the form of blogs.
  • You can also review fitness equipment to guide your audience towards the right product.
  • Layout a whole lifestyle guide for people looking forward to switching to a healthy and fit lifestyle.



2.      Decide On A Specific Niche


Once you are confident that your primary focus is fitness, it will be time to select a niche. Unfortunately, some people underestimate the importance of sticking to a single niche which ruins their blog along with the hard work they have been doing for months.


If you are a real fitness freak, you must know there will be just too many topics to write about if you take fitness as a niche instead of its aspects; this will be overwhelming for you and your readers. Therefore, instead of being the jack of all trades and master of none, select a niche that you think you can nail.


Opting for a niche will be a tough choice if you have expertise in more than just one. However, at this stage, you will have to choose because you can’t go with two niches, as it will destroy the consistency of your blog. Furthermore, by selecting a niche, you won’t have to ask yourself the repetitive question of “What Should I post on my fitness blog?”


Here are some suggestions for niches; Food fitness, Gym equipment reviews, Mom-to-be fitness, etc. Spice up your blog by coming up with a topic that is hard to find in any other blog.


3.      Choose A hosting platform


Hosting is a way of renting out someplace for your website on the Internet. Many people ask how to start a fitness blog for free, but little do they know that there are drawbacks to setting up a blog on free hosting or themes.


There are two types of hosting; free and paid. The idea of getting hosting for free sounds like a good deal to many, but we wouldn’t recommend that if you look forward to a profitable blog.

Free web hosting cannot handle large amounts of traffic. The maximum number of visitors it can handle is around 2-3.


This concludes that free hosting is not a good idea for people with big plans for their blogs. Paid hosting services allow you to have total control over your website, unlike the free one. Some of the best paid hostings you should purchase are as follows:


Hostinger web hosting

BlueHost Hosting






Hostgator Hostingsiteground HOsting

4.      Purchase A Domain Name

A domain name is the address users can type to reach your website. Therefore, it is essential to choose a domain name that relates to the niche of your blog. Most importantly, it should be short and easy to remember.


Avoid hyphens in domain names as much as you can, as users often ignore hyphens when typing your address in the search box.


5.      Choosing A Theme For Your Blog


Opting for a theme that resonates with your blog’s niche is essential for the aesthetic of your blog. However, before purchasing a theme for your fitness blog there are a few things to take under consideration; they are as follows:


  • Don’t go for a theme that has a lot going on at the same spot. This drives away visitors faster than any other problem on your website.
  • Hunt themes that offer all the necessary features along with excellent page loading speed.
  • Make sure the theme you choose is updated every once in a while to ensure premium security.
  • Apply themes that are easily customizable so you can choose the color, fonts, and skin of your choice.
  • Always opt for themes that have a rating of 4.5 stars or above.


You cannot find all of these features in all the themes available online. The ones that offer these features are:


INfinite theme


Avada theme



Kallayas theme

Massive dynamic theme

6.      Setting Up Other Pages


You don’t have to deal with just one page if you want a full-fledged blogging website. There are several other pages like About us, Contact us, Customer support, and Privacy policies. Each page will require a lot of attention since all of them hold substantial importance.


For instance, the “about us” page is often visited by people to know the backstory of the blog. Similarly, if a user faces any problem, they will have to refer to the support page. Thus, each page has its importance, and the absence of such a page is disappointing for the visitors.


7.      How do I start a fitness blog and make money?


This is where all the hard work pays off. The more valuable information you provide on your blog, the more revenue you will make. But of course, there are several things you will have to take care of to make this happen.


A blog started by a person just for the sake of money often doesn’t provide much value; as a result, the revenue isn’t sufficient. On the other hand, some people try their best to help people with their blogs instead of running after dollar bills.


Here’s how you can monetize your blog to generate a reasonable sum:


·         Sponsored Content

Once your website has reached a certain level of followers, you will be eligible for sponsoring your posts and making money from them. For this purpose, the companies and leading industries closely related to your fitness niche will reach out to you to review their products.


·         Offer A Subscription Service

Offering fitness courses or holding online fitness sessions by charging your audience with a small amount is another good way of making money, along with helping out your loyal audience with their fitness routine.


You will have to make an offer they can’t refuse. The Internet already has many fitness courses, but coming up with something different will spark your reader’s interest.


·         Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best approach to making money online if you have ample knowledge about fitness equipment. Convincing your reader to click the “Buy now” button helps in earning you a small commission.


The MVP in affiliate marketing is the linking. Therefore, you mustn’t blindly recommend products to your readers; instead, perform research or recommendations from your personal experience.


·         Google AdSense

Google Adsense

This tactic is applied by almost all blogs and YouTube channels. You can run different ads on your website with the help of Google AdSense. You make revenue when the reader is interested in the ad and clicks on it.

AdSense ads can be in any form like video, text, or animated pictures. This is hands down the quickest possible way to make more money in less time. However, to make a substantial amount using Google AdSense, you need to have minimum traffic of 10,000+ visitors.


Can I Do Blogging For Free?


This is the question many to-be-blog owners come up with. The answer is yes, it is possible as there are many free hosting providers, but there will be a lot of drawbacks that will convince you to switch to paid hosting.






Fitness blogging is becoming more common day by day; even those who don’t care about fitness are creating blogs on the niche. Therefore, you must provide quality and unique content to outgrow the other blogs.


If you have an impressive fitness journey, then you should know how to create a fitness journey blog to provide valuable reviews and content for your audience.


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