Easy and Effective ways to create a Landing page in WordPress

  • Mary Cuver
  • 19 Aug 2021

If you are looking for the most convenient ways to create your Landing page in WordPress, this blog will provide you the best solutions to create a stunning landing page without using any coding.


Landing pages help you drive more traffic to your website; you can create more than one landing page for multiple marketing campaigns and turn most of your landed traffic into customers.

Our target is to show you the easiest and most convenient ways to build a landing page in WordPress without using any coding.

Before diving into details, Let’s find out what is a Landing page and how does it help in increasing your sales and conversions.

What does a Landing page do?


The landing page is solely designed and created to capture the targeted audience who lands on your website to grab more knowledge about a specific product/ service. The Landing page works as a conversion tool that hooks audience attention and then converts them into customers.

Generally, people create various marketing campaigns using social media platforms, emails, Google Ads, or paid marketing. Once they get an audience from these resources, they convert them into customers by engaging them with more specific and valid information.

The landing page must be designed aesthetically appealing and well organized; all the sections, call to action, videos, and sign-up forms should be placed appealingly.

The individual purpose of a landing page is to provide information about the product/service the customer is looking for to step up and make a purchasing decision.

  • Landing pages can be different depending upon the usage and purpose.
  • Landing pages are designed for an audience from a paid advertisement, Google ads, social media ads.
  • Landing pages are created to target audiences from email campaigns, Facebook posts, Instagram, or Twitter stories.


Method 1: How to create a Landing page using Elementor

Elementor is a great choice if you are looking to create a landing page in WordPress for free. An elementor page builder is free to download and provides you a complete toolkit to create a landing page of exquisite quality without using any code. There are plenty of features in the free version; however, if you look for some advanced-level customizations, go for the pro version.

Here is the step-by-step procedure to create a stunning landing page in WordPress with Elementor.

Step 1: Elementor page builder installation


Elementor installation is easy as the breeze; all you have to do is go to the WordPress Dashboard and follow these steps.

WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugins > search for Elementor page builder in search bar > click on installation > activate.

Bingo! You are done with the installation process.

Step 2: Start building your Landing page with Elementor

Creating a landing page is like creating a new page, as you usually do for your website.

Go to pages > create a new page > Edit with Elementor

On clicking the Edit with Elementor tab, it’ll open Elementor’s visual editor, wherefrom you can edit your Landing page visually.

Elementor installation

Now, you’ll have two options to create your landing page using Elementor;

  • The first one, create a landing page from scratch using Elementor’s elements and widgets.
  • OR, use any pre-built template from Elementor’s Library and customize it according to your brand’s voice.

We’ll go with the second option to speed up our Landing Page building process.

Here’s the Landing page template that we’re going to use in our tutorial.

Elementor templates

Or, you can import anyone of your choice and then customize it in your desired way.

Step3: Edit and personalize the Landing page with Elementor

You can see all of the pages are divided into sections; you can easily customize or edit each section discretely by clicking on the six-digit icon. You can adjust the alignment of each section or drag and drop each element in your desired direction.

The editing settings can be found in the left-hand side editing panel. Wherefrom you can edit sections or even remove them using the “x” icon.

Likewise, you can replace images and text of each section. When you click on the image, its respective settings will appear right above it. Once you click on the library icon above the image, it’ll lead you to the Elementor’s Library section wherefrom you can upload or add any of your images.

Next, if you like to edit the styling options of each section like background, background color, fonts, typography, click on the six-digit icon above the section, and it’ll show you the sidebar with style tab option, which helps in setting; background color, background dimensions, Borders, and typography.

Additionally, add as many new blocks as you like to your landing page, like buttons, opt-in forms, social profiles. Drag the block from the left side to your desired location, and you are good to go.

Step 4:How to edit template content or add new content in Elementor

Adding new content or blocks is an easy task with Elementor. Just click on the + sign, and you’ll find all of the blocks and content available to be added

Find your desired bock from the left sidebar.

Step 5: Publish your landing page

Once you get satisfied with all of the settings and options, hit the save button to make your page go live. But before publishing your page, check its responsive mode settings and check if it looks fine with the mobile version. You’ll find the mobile version mode in the bottom left menu.

Method 2: build landing page SeedProd Landing page builder in WordPress

SeedProd is another great WordPress plugin to create stunning Landing pages using a drag and drop builder. Also, you can create high-converting landing pages with a live preview option. Moreover, if you are looking for a quick fix formula to start over with your landing page, then SeedProd is there to help you quickly start with its premade templates. Furthermore, if you are on a budget and looking for free landing page designing, then SeedProd can serve you best with its free version, allowing you to create landing pages in WordPress for free.

Here is the step-by-step guide to making a landing page using the SeedProd plugin.

Step1: SeedProd plugin installation


SeedProd is free to download. Go to the SeedProd website and download the zip file. Now follow these footsteps to activate the SeedProd plugin.

SeedProd landing page plugin

Dashboard > Plugins > Add new Plugin > upload the zip file > Activate

Once your installation is done, you’ll land on a welcome screen where you’ll be asked to give your license key to activate the SeedProd plugin.


After entering the license key, you’ll find access to the landing page dashboard, where you’ll find four options for your landing page creation. You can go with any of the modes.

  • Coming soon mode
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Login page
  • 404 Page

Step 2: how to build a unique landing page using SeedProd Plugin

You can create a new landing page from scratch or import any pre-built landing page template. There are plenty of options with landing page templates. Also you can edit these templates using the visual editor. The ready to use templates are as follows;

  • Lead pages
  • Maintenance Mode
  • 404
  • Sales Page
  • Login pages
  • Coming soon
  • Thank You
  • eCommerce

Once you have finalized your template, you’ll be asked to give a name to your landing page and also edit its URL.

seedprod page settings

Step 3: how to personalize landing page using Seedprod

After downloading your desired landing page template, you can visually edit all of the elements and sections using a visual editor. There are plenty of options with Blocks and sections that you can add to your landing page.

Sections and Blocks that you can edit are as follows;

  • Videos
  • Spacers
  • Bullet Point Lists
  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Headlines
  • Text
  • Dividers
  • Columns

You can design different layouts of your landing page or select any of the ready-to-use sections with your preferred layout and then customize it as per your brand’s layout.

The best thing is you can change the background color, typography, and layout dimensions using the visual editor. Add any section, click on the + sign of your desired section and drag it to your landing page.

Step 5: How to integrate your email marketing service with Landing page

It’s pretty easy to connect any of your email marketing services like constant contact or Mailchimp to your landing page to quickly collect leads for your lead generations. All you have to do is to click on the connect tab and then select your email marketing service from the list.

Step 5: Finalize and publish your landing page


After finalizing all of your landing page settings, click on the preview mode of the mobile version to check if everything is fit and fine, and then hit the save and publish button to go your landing page live.

Wrapping up

So, here ends our landing page designing tutorial, where you have learned two different ways to create a landing page in WordPress using Elementor and SeedProd plugins. Which one sounds best to you? Do tell us in the comment section.

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