How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website Using WordPress?

  • Mary Cuver
  • 04 Jun 2021

Are you thinking of earning some handsome bucks with an affiliate website?

Let me clear this to you!

Building an affiliate website is not a hard mountain to climb.

Luckily, you can turn your thought into reality by creating a fantastic affiliate website with your favorite product using the WordPress platform in no time

If we happen to observe today, the trend of running affiliate websites is at its peak, and undoubtedly people are making a lot of money out of this business.

When talking about the creation of websites, it’s quite breezy with WordPress.

We can admit that we all enjoy creating websites with WordPress due to its user-friendly interface, which is obviously self-explanatory.

Today we will walk you through the step-by-step method to create the best affiliate website with the help of excellent plugins adding robust features to your website.


What Is An Affiliate Website?

An affiliate program is defined as the program opted by various individuals to promote the product of the particular retailer on their website and earn handsome commission on the sale of each product.

If you own an affiliate website, then with little effort, you can generate handsome sales and attract an ocean of customers to your website.


Types of Affiliate Websites

There are specific types in the affiliate niche where you can create your websites and earn some handsome bucks by generating flying sales at your websites. Let’s shed some light on the types of affiliate websites which are as follows.


Daily Deals


This business model can help you in generating running sales for your website. The implementation of daily deal discounts on your website has proven to be excellent in generating great sales. You will get to see many websites that are offering various daily deals for a limited time.


This factor helps the customers attracted towards your products, and the limited time factor will lure them in buying the product immediately at a lower price.


Let’s compare this model of business with other numerous sorts of companies. This business setup is comparatively easy than the other as it is pretty straightforward and requires less effort.



Price Comparison Websites

Gopricing plugin

These are the websites that compare the product’s price from different websites. Their content is based on reviews from other users. Now the real question that arises is that how can one make this website a source of income? The short and sweet answer for this is “Creation of engaging content.”


The more you keep intact the audience to your content, the more chances the user will click the affiliate link, which will help you earn some commissions. WordPress makes everything easy as pie. With the help of Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables, you can create comparison tables and add them to your websites. Also, you can add images, videos, and much

more content.


Review Websites


Review websites are enriched with content reviews. The product review websites impart the thoughts of the experts who have used and tested the products. Also, You can allow users to post reviews about the products they have used to boost the amount of content on your website.


Step By Step Method To create an Affiliate Website.


Get A WordPress affiliate website.


Getting ready for a website with WordPress is easy peasy. To win your customers’ trust, you will need to put some effort into building an affiliate website.

You cannot just set up a generic and simple website. You will need to look in-depth for the perfect theme, plugin, and hosting to get started with your website.


WordPress here also eases your effort by providing you with a wide variety of plugins that will help you build your website with great convenience.


 Set up affiliate theme

Affiliate theme

Get the best wordpress affiliate store theme that is suitable for your review website. Since WordPress website themes are easy to customize, you will not need to go for advanced review website themes. For affiliate websites, you can go for themes like Total WordPress theme. Kupon and thone are some of the best recommendations for you.



The other leading wordpress affiliate store theme which is best for your affiliate website is Astra.


Astra is no doubt a theme jam-packed with various features. This multi-purpose theme is perfect, and you can use this for your affiliate website. This theme fully supports the integration of third-party plugins to enhance the features of the website.

Astra theme


Another acing plugin that is suitable for the creation of an affiliate website is Clippers. This theme is one of the best free affiliate WordPress themes for affiliate marketers and possesses all mandatory features required for affiliate marketing. Clippers theme is constructed with a professionally built system where you can easily manage discounts, coupons, and deals without the hassle.


Install Best Plugins for your Affiliate Website

Talking about the plugin, your website must have coherent plugins that will enhance the functionality of your website. One of the best plugins is WP reviews. This plugin will help you write reviews with stars and percentages.

wordpress review website

We have got a list of the best plugins that will help you accelerate your website’s functionality.


Among the top best plugins, one of the most and highly recommended plugins is Thirsty affiliates. This plugin has got a lot to offer.


Now, what distinct features this plugin offers to the users? This plugin very professionally manages your affiliates. It helps you in being organized and keeps your website at the top of your affiliate campaigns. It allows you to add links to the images and converts the keyword to the links automatically.

thirsty affiliate addon


Rich Reviews is another best plugin you can use on your website. This plugin is purely developed for user reviews which are best for the moderation of submission.

Rich review


Choose your Affiliate Product

This is one of the crucial steps while setting up your affiliate business. Always go for the right product. Now how will you realize if the product is right for you?


First, choose the product wisely and make sure you are enriched with the information about the product and you have personally used it.

For instance, you choose to sell the mobile phone through your website, then go for the great retailers who deal in quality products and avail their affiliate program.


When promoting a product, be confident while writing content for your product. Your content should speak for the product, and the audience should buy it.


Create Your First Affiliate Product

Publishing your affiliate product with WordPress is a piece of cake. The user-friendly interface makes everything easy. Just go through the dashboard and locate downloads and then find new options.


Add the product’s title, description, and feature image; paste the link to the product, and now you are all set to publish your first product.


Adorn Your website With Quality content

Mind that content is everything. It is the core elements that can help you rank high in google searches. All your marketing is based on content, so make sure you constantly come up with high-quality and informative content that addresses users’ queries.


As we already discussed, your website must possess unique and top-notch content to stand out amongst the other competitors. Whether you are writing blogs or reviews, your content must be up to mark, and the audience must find it engaging and informative.


Your content should be the answer to the question of your audience. Therefore, be unique with your content.



Why WordPress?


We can admit to the fact that WordPress is beautiful and friendly at the same time. Most non-tech individuals go for WordPress as we all know that its user-friendly UI helps create a website in a few steps.


So the first reason why WordPress is highly recommended is due to its easy-to-use setup. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to set up your website. Just the right theme and required plugins is all you need, and you are all set to launch your website.


Another main reason to use WordPress is its friendliness with the search engine. Yes, google favours WordPress websites a lot as it is built with clean codes and follows all web server standards. These all factors make it SEO friendly. Also, there are plenty of free amazon affiliate website templates to quick start your affiliate store. You can use Amazon affiliate themes such as Lebe, You, Coi, and ecome to get access to these free amazon affiliate website templates.



The last and best reason to work on WordPress is impeccable customer support. WordPress consists of a great community where the queries of users are thoroughly entertained.





Running a successful affiliate website in this era is quite challenging, but what isn’t possible with great effort and dedication. To set up and create a great online affiliate business, you will need to stand out with your content and various other elements.


As we have come across how daily deals and other business strategies can accelerate your sales, the more discounts you set up on your website for your customers, the more engagement you will get to notice and receive a positive response.


So, here we are just witnessing how easy it is to create an affiliate website with WordPress. It’s just a game of a few clicks, and you are all set.














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