Top WordPress Video Gallery Plugins to Get You Great Video Collaboration On Your Website

  • Manish Sharma
  • 21 Nov 2020

WordPress sites can be made more engaging with multi-media elements like product explainer videos, facility tours, video testimonials, and others. Videos have become the modern counterpart of TV ads that ruled the branding game in the olden days. The good news is that these videos can easily be included in the site’s environment with the help of WordPress video gallery plugins.

Advantages of using WP video gallery plugin

Statistical data about online buyers’ internet usage patterns reveals that about 50% of the audience take clues about products through videos first. Consumers are now more convinced about the products once they refer to the videos instead of sifting through catalogs with pictures. Further, the videos benefit the WordPress websites in the following ways:

  • Videos add to the website’s engagement rate
  • Communication with the target audience becomes more manageable and effective
  • Users find videos about products or brands more convincing
  • Videos offer the best explanation of the brand’s USPs and offerings


Video-Hosting Channels

Videos make quite impressive inventory to offer the consumers a more transparent overview of brand products, philosophy, and essential updates. Video producers can use video hosting sites to draw the audience towards their WP site. These hosting sites have all the right conditions to offer to vloggers and in-house brand promoters. Keeping the requirements in mind, some of the best hosting sites for brand-promoting videos are – Vimeo, YouTube, Brightcove, and Wistia. All video gallery plugin WordPress options come with the ability to embed videos from these channels with just a click.

Is your site languishing in terms of traffic or customer retention due to a lack of videos? If yes, let’s find out the nine best plugins for a video gallery that can enhance your WordPress site’s takeaway.


Envira Gallery

If you’re searching for WP video gallery plugins to fit your WordPress site environment effortlessly, the Envira gallery is the option to consider. This plugin is compatible with all video channels like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Apart from the easy embedding of videos from the channels, it gives you the freedom to pick the format. Many video formats can prove too bulky for the WP website and can slow it down.

Source: Google

With this video gallery plugin, WordPress allows you to pick a suitable format for the website’s bandwidth. The usage process is relatively straightforward and does not require more than dragging and dropping. Its widget enables seamless integration and can be used on any of the sidebars.

The top features are:

  • A responsive plugin that offers ease of viewing on all gadget screens
  • Lightbox images supersize style
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Standalone gallery
  • Protection add-on



GridFX is one of the top-class WordPress video gallery plugins that are the most suited for WordPress websites. This plugin offers the ease of building grids that can be used for displaying the video gallery.

Source: Google

It features a user-friendly dashboard that offers ease of tracking the displayed grids. The plugin easily embeds the videos created on platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

The Top features are:

  • Social media integration
  • More than 80 customization options
  • Responsive design to make videos look good on all devices
  • Developer-friendly themes
  • Translation readiness


YouTube Showcase

YouTube Showcase
Source: Google

YouTube Showcase is an easy-to-use video gallery WordPress plugin for the WordPress website. It offers the ability to use a custom post to make videos more appealing. You can feature the videos to draw the visitors’ attention, tag, and put the videos in categories to increase their visibility. This plugin offers the ease of automatic uploading of the video gallery onto the WordPress site.

This tool has two different widgets to offer. Its layout provides users a quick view of videos without shifting back and forth from one page to another.

The Top features are:

  • The user can enable comments on each video and find the viewer reaction
  • You can automatically create pages
  • Grid layout is available
  • Customizable thumbnail dimension
  • Intuitive page navigation



Source: Google

If you want an exciting video gallery to adorn your website without requiring you to invest more than 30 seconds, Vimeography is the plugin to pick. It is designed to complement all Vimeo video galleries and can easily integrate those into the WordPress website. Further, you can also embed videos into posts or webpages by using a simple shortcode.

There is an additional feature of customizing the video gallery; developers can alter its height, pixel count, layout, width, or theme. The plugin allows you to make a Netflix-style website to keep the best focus on the videos if you intend to use these as the main feature.

The Top features are:

  • Seamless and quick integration of Vimeo gallery
  • Inbuilt caching to enable fast loading
  • High-quality editing produces a flawless appearance
  • Custom themes and appearance customization support
  • Ability to set videos as feature videos


Huzzaz Video Gallery

Huzzaz Video Gallery
Source: Google

Huzzaz is one of the most user-friendly WP video gallery plugins and does not require any technical knowledge to use. Simply use the drag-and-drop feature and embed videos in any part of the WordPress website.

This plugin supports Vimeo, YouTube, Brightcove, and numerous other video channel hosting platforms. Furthermore, the plugin is genuinely responsive and can be used across various devices without compromising the viewing experience. There is an option to search for videos from the gallery that lets users access videos without wasting time going through the whole gallery.

The Top features are:

  • Allows users to create an individual link in the gallery
  • Custom color scheme
  • Minimize and float videos while scrolling down
  • Video auto play provided
  • Popup video gallery


Robo Gallery

Robo Gallery
Source: Google

Robo Gallery is a WP video gallery plugin that has amassed unmatched popularity. With 40,000 installations and activations and counting, it is one of the most used plugins for embedding video galleries on the WP site. Its unique feature is that it allows you to upload multiple videos at a time. Its responsive code helps mobile users stay engaged with your WP site videos.

Apart from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video channels, this video gallery plugin enables the easy embedding of pictures. You can fiddle with various types of hovering effects to make your user’s picture browsing experience engaging. There is also an added ability to auto-resize thumbnails and images.

The Top features are:

  • Polaroid layout gallery
  • Different font and resolution settings
  • Sharing on social media option
  • Gutenberg block compatibility
  • Advanced pagination tool



Source: Google

YourChannel video gallery plugin is available in both free and premium versions. YouTube video gallery owners can embed their collection into the WP website in just a click using this plugin. The playlist creation feature is provided in the plugin, making it easy for users to showcase videos in one place without requiring needing to leave the page or site.

The process is pretty straightforward. You have to input the YouTube channel ID and username. After this, everything until the completion of uploading of the video gallery is managed by YourChannel.

The Top features are:

  • Easy visual builder with preview option
  • Play video in a lightbox or inline
  • Cache system for fast loading
  • Autoplay option for a better experience
  • Translation ready
  • RTL support


Gallery Box

Gallery Box
Source: Google

Enrich your WordPress website with features like YouTube and Vimeo videos, Portfolio gallery, Soundcloud Audios, and many more while upping the engagement rate. This plugin offers numerous hovering effects that add a lot to the appeal of your website’s video gallery area. An added visual composer compatibility feature makes the video gallery enhancing process straightforward and seamless.

The Top features are:

  • Unlimited color options
  • Variety of hover effects
  • Responsive gallery addition plugin
  • Easy editor support
  • Smooth and simple lightbox with beautiful appearance


Video Lessons Manager

Video Lessons Manager
Source: Google

If you have planned to use your website to include more user-centric content like video lessons or explainer videos, this video gallery plugin is your best pick. You can easily enhance the learning management features of your website using this plugin. In the present world, when video lessons and e-education are in high demand, Video Lessons Manager allows you to make your website par with the best online coaching solutions available. You can organize and manage webinars and online courses and offer various other learning tools using the Video Lessons Manager plugin for your WP website.

The top features are:

  • Leave comments and mark videos as favorites
  • Shortcodes for enabling embedding of content
  • Progress report per user
  • Multiple payment gateway options
  • Templates collection for online courses



WordPress Video gallery plugins can enhance engagement on your WordPress website. These plugins allow you to do much more than just adding the video gallery. Users can embed pictures, enable comments, and even share the videos on social media. So, why not give your website a boost with these easy-to-use plugins today?


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