How to Publish Great Looking Testimonials on Your WordPress Site

  • Manish Sharma
  • 27 Oct 2020

Back in 1984, Robert Cialdini explained the concept of social proof in his book Influence. Since then, the term has been used extensively by both online and offline marketers. But what is social proof?

Simply put, social proof is a psychological phenomenon wherein people reflect and make an assumption of the behavior of others. Cialdini was the first to study this principle. He explained that whenever we are in a situation where we don’t know what to do, we have a tendency to turn to friends, believing them to have more knowledge of the situation.

When put in the context of marketing and testimonials, we see social proof in action. Testimonials help prospective customers to know more about a product or service based on the experience of others. Nearly every business operating online needs to have testimonials on their website or social media profile to adequately connect with again the trust of potential customers. And with the WordPress testimonial plugin, publishing testimonials on your WordPress site is easier than ever.

Importance Of Testimonials On A WordPress Site

It is well established that online users will gravitate to a site or retailer that has more happy customers. The WordPress testimonial plugin can help you easily publish the detailed feedback you receive from your clients and customers on your WordPress site so that you can stay competitive in the marketplace. These testimonials can help convince potential clients or customers to stay on your website and possibly buy more.

While endorsements from celebrities and influencers can boost the reviews further and have a strong impact on your customers, testimonials are the bridge between existing customers and future customers. With more positive testimonials, your site has a better chance of people spending more time there and buying one of your products.

Before, the process of publishing your reviews could be a chore. But with the WordPress testimonial plugin, it’s quick and easy, saving you time and letting you get back to making more money.


Testimonial Plugin
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Basics Of A Testimonial Plugin

Basically, the WordPress testimonial plugin is a dedicated plugin that can help you manage your testimonials more easily on your WordPress site. While you can simply add testimonials to your social media profiles, it’s also important to include those on your WordPress site. What you may not know is there are a few different testimonial plugins that you can use.

Of all the plugins on the market, the Strong testimonial plugin is the most trusted and easy to use. When you use the Strong testimonial plugin, you will see that most of the formatting work is already done, including the color and theme. Aside from the Strong testimonial plugin, there are several others worth noting that can all be used on your WordPress site.

Redirection: One of the first testimonial plugins many people think of for their WordPress site is Redirection because it’s trusted and reliable. One of the main advantages of using the Redirection plugin is that it allows you to fully customize 301 redirects, along with a full record of clicks.

It also includes the following features:

  • tracking of all the error pages
  • Setting up a page-level redirection
  • It’s free to use

WP Forms: Another WordPress plugin you can use is WP Forms. There are a few reasons to use this testimonial plugin, namely that it’s user-friendly. You will also enjoy the mobile responsiveness and customization features. These will likely lead to improved conversions, giving you a great sales result for your product.

WP Forms also has pre-built templates and contact forms. For a reasonable $39.50 per year, you can install the WP Forms plugin on your WordPress site and start managing testimonials quickly.


WP Rocket: As a caching plugin, the WP Rocket testimonial plugin helps to decrease your page loading time and can effectively optimize images that you use on your WordPress site. It also allows for lazy loading and improves the user end browser caching. For WP Rocket, you pay $49 per year.

Integrating The Strong Testimonial Plugin On Your WordPress Site

While it’s important to mention your other options, the Strong testimonial plugin is still the most often used WordPress Testimonial plugin because of its ease of use and the fact that it’s free to use. It can even be loaded directly to the WordPress plugin directory site.

You can integrate the Strong testimonial plugin by following some simple steps:

  • login to the WordPress site Admin area.
  • Click “Add New” on the sidebar menu
  • From the “Add Plugins” screen, type “Strong Testimonials”
  • Install the first option that shows in the results bar.


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Configuring Your Plugin On WordPress

A hallmark of the Strong testimonial plugin is how easy it is to use, thanks in part to its features. Once you have the Strong testimonial plugin installed on your WordPress site, you can choose whether to display the testimonials as a list or a slide show. With your testimonials oriented where you want them, click “Save.” Always remember that nothing will show up until you have added a few testimonials. Once you add them, you can tweak them using the “Settings” tab.

Configure the Plugin on The Site

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Adding A Testimonial To Your Website Using The Strong Plugin

The final step is to add your testimonials. The process is simple in theory, though some users may still find the process intimidating.

Add Testimonials
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Simply follow these basic steps:

  • Click on “Add New” on the testimonials menu.
  • Enter the header quote and then the body of the testimonial.
  • Next, you can customize the testimonial with an image using the “Image” field
  • With your image uploaded, enter the name, company, email, and company website information in the form.
  • Verify that all the information is correct, then save it by clicking the “Publish” button.


Now your testimonial is published! Remember that the more testimonials you add, the more you reinforce trust and loyalty with your customers. These can also showcase the brand’s history to potential customers, while also proving the efficacy of the brand.


Add Testimonials
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Are Customer Testimonials Effective?

The short answer: yes.

A recent survey projected that more than 70% of internet users always check online reviews before purchasing from a new brand. Other research has shown that over 90% of consumers are influenced by testimonials and will assume the product’s genuineness in what other buyers have said about it. These findings show us that customers are dependent on testimonials. So, in order to capitalize on new customers, it’s important that you add a variety of testimonials to your site.

Because many of your testimonials might come from people that follow your brand on social media, it’s important to present yourself in a certain way. Focusing on being authentic in your brand’s personality are how you will attract authentic reviews. These will help your brand stand out to new customers.

Additionally, the testimonials showcase how the minds of your customers are changing in regards to your products and brand. It can prove that you have a loyal follower or that you have endorsement. It’s also a good way to help your brand have longevity in the marketplace.

Takeaways: Publishing testimonials is more and more important in the marketplace. Testimonials are a roadmap to your success. Collecting quality, honest reviews is essential to the health and livelihood of your brand. Avoid any made-up or bought reviews. Customers can tell when a brand is being authentic and that will resonate with them. By staying true to your brand and posting your testimonials on your WordPress site, you will guild the trust of your customers, and put your brand in a winning position.

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