Top 8 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins That Really Works In 2021

  • Manish Sharma
  • 17 Sep 2020

Have you noticed that your real estate website looks “incomplete” even after trying time and time again to make it robust and interactive? Are people simply not responding to the design and content of your website? The answers to these problems could lie in your WordPress plug-in.

Real estate websites are one of the most difficult sites to rank highly in search results and make a lasting impression on users because the topic is so specific and short-term for most. Therefore, to engage with your customers and attract them to your site in droves, you’ll need to make the most out of your plug-ins.

Why do you need WordPress plug-ins for your real estate website?

1. Advance Map View

Location is everything in real estate. Clients are always looking for ease of travel when they buy a home. They love having certain amenities, such as markets and offices, around their home to quickly accomplish their errands and save time to relax and unwind. This plug-in lets them know exactly what they want, driving them to your site.

2. Mortgage Calculator

All great real estate websites need a mortgage calculator. These calculators give your clients an idea of how much they’ll be paying once they officially purchase the homes they’re looking at. They can also help with tabulating different numbers like interest rates, EMI monthly payments, down payments for loans, and other factors.

3. Set Payment Methods

Nearly every WordPress Plug-in is integrated with payment services like PayPal and Stripe, which allow your customers to make purchases or book appointments directly from your website without any hassle. This sort of convenience is exactly what people look for in websites they know and trust frequently.

4. Comparing Properties

Savvy customers compare everything before they buy, and the real estate market is no different. WordPress actually makes plug-ins that let your customers compare different characteristics of different properties depending on the categories they choose to set. This comparison makes shopping easier and more efficient for them.

5. Multi-language supportable

Commerce today is global. This expands the reach and scope of your business but also means you must have a website that can translate multiple languages and cater to many different citizens across the globe. WordPress makes a plug-in for this problem as well. The plug-in will translate the copy and information on your website into different languages and make it easier for the customers to interact with ease.

Now that you know why you need WordPress plug-ins and how they can help your business grow and thrive, let’s go through some of the best plug-ins on the market today.

1. Estatik

Estatik Plug-in
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Estatik is known as the king of real estate plug-ins because of the expansive range of features and facilities it offers.

The primary and most impressive tool it offers is the translation tool. This tool helps translate your site’s text into different languages all around the world.

This plug-in also offers you listings, a perfect layout for your photo galleries, a customizable slideshow option, and integrations with social media. Additionally, this plug-in provides a mortgage calculator and an outstanding map view to sweeten the deal.

The Premium edition, integrated with MLS, also offers advanced search modules, customizable tags, and subscription management.

The fee for the same is a one-time fee of $89.

2. Real Estate Pro

Real Estate Pro Plug-in
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Real Estate Pro is one of the most popular and highly recommended plug-ins. One of the major benefits of the plug-in is that all of its settings, pages, and other components automatically get configured just after the installation process.

In addition, it offers a simple, clean listing module with a picture gallery.

It’s also integrated with PayPal and Stripe, which allows your subscribers to make purchases or book appointments directly from your website.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with Mailchimp, which lets you store your clients’ emails. It can translate up to 13 languages and even allows you to claim and add listings and sell VIP badges.

3. IMPress Listings

IMPress Listings Plug-in
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IMPress is one of the most impressive plug-ins for real estate websites, and it also happens to be free. It offers complete listing management, integration with MLS, and a tag according to your listings’ status.

The plug-in offers a module for your search listings with dropdown options like property type, bedroom locations and includes a functional listing widget. The plug-in also provides a map that is inserted by default.

A small but negative aspect of the plug-in is the customer support, which could be improved, and the process of creating templates with single listings is also more tedious than the average plug-in.

4. WPL Real Estate

WPL Real Estate Plug-in
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WPL Real Estate is an easy-to-use plug-in with a package of relatively cool features. This plug-in has Google Maps to share the map view and custom field functions to add property highlights. The best part is that the service is connected to a lot of real estate agents. Hence, backlinking is easy and effective.

Furthermore, it provides a filter option to make the searches easier for your customers. This plug-in is also integrated with MLS as an extra feature for the paid version and the company provides outstanding customer service.

The free version is satisfactory as well, though the main functionalities come with the paid versions.

Negative components being with the multilingual feature, which doesn’t come with the free version, and most options are also not available in the free version either.

5. WP Amortization Calculator

WP Amortization Calculator
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As discussed earlier, the need for a mortgage calculator is essential.

According to the surveys, WP Amortization Calculator comes first in such mortgage calculators-based plug-ins. It is one of the simpler, user-friendly plug-ins to use.

It also impresses your visitors with a clean and modern design. The best part is, this calculator is completely translatable, and currency symbols can be used. Apart from mortgages, this calculator can also be used for amortized loans.

The plug-in is not very sophisticated or advanced, however, which makes maintenance a chore occasionally.

6. Essential Real Estate

Essential Real Estate Plug-in
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The Essential Real Estate Plugin is one of the more flexible and user-friendly plug-ins for your real estate business with some really cool features. It is very quick with getting started, which lets you complete the total setup process within minutes.

This plug-in is loaded with various features which help turn your generic Real Estate website into a marketplace or structured agency. The best thing about this plug-in is that it is completely responsive, and the focus is on design and usability. Your website looks great on any number of devices, including mobile formats.

It also provides videos on setup and other topics related to the plug-in, making it easier to understand.

7. Easy Property Listings

Easy Property Listings
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Easy Property Listings is one of the most unique and function-rich real estate plug-ins for WordPress available today.

A simple to utilize module that gives the required capacities to arrange a powerful real estate-based site in minutes. Stuffed with cutting-edge functions, shortcodes, and layouts, this is a massive upgrade for any website.

It’s also a plug-in with a quick setup wizard, letting you customize your site within seconds. In addition, it provides a multitude of theme templates inbuilt to use too. It’s totally editable and works with any theme available in the market.

Though minor, some of the features like mapping and templates are paid-for addition, whereas other plug-ins would provide them for free.

8. WP-Property

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If you want a plug-in not only for your real estate website but for the whole management, you can surely go for WP-Property plug-in. It’s a completely flexible and user-friendly plug-in which even lets you list any sort of other products.

They provide complete SEO-friendly URLs and focus on making your site look sleek. They also provide different, editable templates for every type of property. Furthermore, they have an inbuilt gallery, advanced map view through integrated Google Maps, and even different widgets like property search, and the plug-in can also be translated to 12 other languages.

The only true detriment of the plug-in is its rather steep learning curve.

In a Nutshell

Most plug-ins will offer exactly what you need for your real estate website. As to be expected, the premium plug-ins offer greater service and more features than their free counterparts, but even the free plug-ins have plenty to offer. Using any of these WordPress plug-ins will offer you a select array of features and help drive business to your real estate website within weeks.

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