15 Best WordPress Countdown Plugins

  • Manish Sharma
  • 24 Aug 2020

Being a WordPress Web Developer is hard work and building hype around an upcoming product or service is even harder. Luckily, there are plugins that will save you a ton of time and work.

While there are many plugins available for WordPress, there’s one that allows you to easily work around user response mechanisms and calls-to-action by counting down numbers. These are called Countdown Plugins.

As the name would suggest, these are simply countdown timers that allow you to display a timer counting down to a specific time or date. Marketers love countdown times because they know the exact amount of time left for customers to purchase a limited-edition product or service. These can also build excitement and create a sense of urgency, taking advantage of the FOMO effect to boost conversion and engagement for a brand.

The psychological effects of a countdown timer – fear, anxiety, excitement, and desire – all help to convert a customer from wanting a product to needing a product, especially when you leverage it with a variety of discounts and offers.

Here are the 15 best WordPress Countdown Plugins that you should be using:

  1. Countdown Pro WordPress Plugin: 
Image Source: Wpdatatables.com

Whether you’re using a countdown for websites, events, a product launch, or a discount offer, Countdown Pro WordPress Plugin is a great solution for you because it’s a multipurpose artifact. It has two versions you can use: Circular and Electronic. The launching date has the year, month, day, house, minute, and second. This plugin also has a “Call-back function” to implement when the countdown ends.

  1. Countdown with Image or Video Background Plugin:
Source: WordPress.com

For websites under construction, coming events, discount intervals, new product launches, and last-minute offers, this is an excellent tool to use. With this plugin, you have three background options: Slider Background, YouTube Background, and Vimeo Background. You don’t even have to worry about software compatibility – this can be used for both iOS and Android. Even better, you can quickly position the bottom navigation to the right, left, or corner while also having the option to set preview thumbs. This plugin also has Circular and Digital versions, accompanied by touch screen navigations. You’ll find everything with this plugin, including a call-back function to the beginning date and end date.

  1. Countdown Timer Ultimate: 
Image Source: wponlinesupport.com

Also named “Creative Countdown Plugin” for WordPress, this plugin has all the creative styling edits and add-ons. With its simplicity and beauty in its features, it’s customized to your aesthetic. You can create numbers countdown timers, each with a unique style, allowing you to leverage the changing colors and width, text, and unique backgrounds. To top it off, you can use this countdown plugin in your posts and pages. For the creative developers, this might be for you!

  1. Wow Countdown WordPress Plugin:
Image Source: WordPress.org

Wow-Company took the motto “Everything over the limit is bad” to heart. With their Wow Countdowns WordPress plugin, you can set the limit, creating a limited time and number of countdowns. It also has a user tracking feature, perfect for those with an eye on analytics. By creating a countdown with a certain date, you boost the urgency effect and the limited time and amount create a sense of scarcity. It’s simple: if you want to stay within the limits, this is the countdown timer for you.

  1. Deal or Announcement Countdown Timer:
5 Days to go Countdown timer WordPress Plugin
Image Source: Vector stock illustration

When you have a big announcement, whether it’s for a deal or a new product launch, this is the perfect countdown time. You can post any number of deals, although only one active deal will be displayed at a time with the countdown timer. This is really simple to use and also has some customizable features, like the style of the timer, that overrides the system.

  1. Soon Countdown Builder:
Image Source: Codecanyon.net

For a highly customizable countdown timer, you have to check out the Soon Countdown Builder. It has a built-in editor for multiple styles, including circle countdowns, flip-clock countdowns, and a “Coming Soon” page. You can customize this timer in a variety of ways, including the look, font style, animations style, and labels. You can also place your Soon Countdown Builder countdown timer on a particular post or page. For even more features, you can use the Pro version, where you can add email sign-ups, schedule timers in advance, and show or hide timers on mobile devices. To access the Pro version, you will need to spend $19.99 or more, depending on the features you want.

  1. Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce:
Image Source: WordPress.org

WooCommerce’s Checkout Countdown timer is ideal for creating that sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), putting in the minds of buyers a sense of urgency that pushes leads to buy the product before the deadline ends. Try this plugin for a new product launch, limited stock, or any other case where you need to amp up the intensity.

  1. Evergreen Countdown Timer:
Image Source: elegentthemes.com

Why should you choose the Evergreen Countdown Timer? because it does double duty by creating both Evergreen and Standard countdowns that can detect the visitors by the IP address or the cookie. You can also use this plugin to redirect your customer directly to the registration page as soon as the time hits zero. With the Pro version, there are even more options and unique font colors.

  1. Hurry Timer:


You could also call this the Scarcity and Urgency Countdown Timer. Brought to you by WooCommerce, the Hurry Timer has a free version and a Pro version. The free version can help you create both evergreen and regular countdowns. Interestingly, you can also run a timer between two fixed dates. And you don’t have to run WooCommerce – if you have a Hurry Timer, then it’s already working. With the Pro version, there’s a feature allowing you to create a recurring timer, which is completely customizable. You can also create an announcement bar with the Pro version.

  1.  OptinMonster:
Image Source: optinmonster.com

Why is this a monster? Because visitors have no escape with this entrancing timer. The unique thing about OptinMonster is that you can create as many countdown timers as you want and they can all operate differently on different pages. Don’t forget the OptinMonster Pro version – this will let you add countdown timers on pop-ups, floating bars, full screen, welcome mats, scroll boxes, and even inline widgets. One of the best features is that you can now personalize the OptinMonster timers based on the user’s location.

  1. Seed Prod Plugin:
Image Source: Isitwp.com

Best for a “Coming Soon” page, the Seed Prod Plugin can be for a website that’s about to be launched or a website that’s under construction. However, you could also use a Seed Prod Plugin for a new product launch. The best part: you can set the time to “Auto Launch” and it will automatically launch when the timer ends. That’s one thing off your to-do list!

  1. Countdown Timer–Widget Countdown:
Image Source: codecanyon.net

Great for those who aren’t experts at cod, the Countdown Timer-Widget is easy to use and suitable for all the WordPress versions. It also lets the website set up functional timers in short terms which can then be posted on the pages. A great feature is how customizable it is. You can set as many timers as you want and write it all by yourself. It uses CSS3’s latest Cascading Style Sheets language, which is responsible for colors, fonts, properties, text alignments, background images, and so much more.

  1. Flip Timer jQuery Countdown Plugin:
Image Source: Codehim.com

What’s most unique about this time is that it also offers a “Count Up” timer, as well as multicolor flips that change over time. The Flip Timer jQuery Countdown Plugin also generates shortcuts by the plugin options, which can show or hide the hours and minutes. Another exciting feature is that they have a CSS function and a callback function, helping it to be compatible with all mobile devices.

  1. Sales Countdown Timer:
Image Source: codecanyon.net

Another WooCommerce creation, the Sales Countdown Timer is meant to increase your sales. It’s displayed on a single product page or shop page, helping to maximize the revenue of a sales campaign. The clock notifies the customer about the end of sales and the quantities of a product left. Not only will this create a buzz in the customer’s mind, but it will also gently push them into making a purchase.

  1. Halloween Countdown Plugin:
Image Source: wpbeginner.com

To celebrate the holiday season, why not go festive with this Halloween Countdown Plugin? All you have to do is add a shortcake [hcount] to any page, post, or text widget. It’ll turn your countdown timer into a spooky scene that your customers will love.

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