Top WP Coming Soon Plugins to Choose from and Using them Right on Your Site

  • Manish Sharma
  • 16 Sep 2020

WordPress is a wholesome platform that anyone, even a non-specialist, can use to develop a website. This website building framework is compatible with a variety of third-party plugins that have dedicated functionalities attached to them. Some plugins serve to provide ease of navigation, others help with SEO purposes. Every plugin contributes to the process of making the website more user-friendly. Plugins like “Coming Soon and Site Under Maintenance” help WordPress website builders communicate to the customers about the site’s non-availability for some time.

So, which plugin should you use for your WordPress website? Each Plugin comes with some unique features, so to make the choosing process easier, we’ve created a list of some of the best Coming Soon Plugins that can help you convey messages about site maintenance and site launch professionally and effectively.


  1. Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Plugin
Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Plugin
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The Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin works to increase the site/brand’s visibility and enables seamless communication in addition to announcing that the site is in maintenance mode. It offers features like:

  • Place hold for brand logo
  • Background image
  • Header
  • Content and
  • MailChimp Subscription Form


Users get the ability to enter an opt-in scheme even before the site is in its active phase. This plugin is quite user-friendly and offers several options under main categories to help the developer fiddle with various ideas. The main categories are Email, Basic, design, themes, advanced, and form. There is a Setting section that allows customization as needed, and a Support section which offers quick help coming straight from This plugin is free to download, but up-gradation comes with a cost.


2. Coming Soon CC

Coming Soon CC

Image Source: WordPress.orgComing Soon CC Plugin is just the right choice when you want to share a message about that your site is coming soon in a straightforward manner. This plugin includes features such as:

  • Custom message – Say ‘You are under construction’ as creatively as you can
  • Email opt-in form – Set up the premise for ensuing communications right away
  • A place for your logo – Add authenticity to your ‘coming soon’ message
  • Create an ‘under maintenance’ page


This plugin supports your endeavors of building a connection with the prospective users right at the construction stage. You can create considerable curiosity and keep the idea under wraps before making a grand launch in the web world. With support for creating opportunities to generate social media following and email lists in the pre-launch stage, this plugin helps you to create a buzz for your website.


3. WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode
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As the site owner with the rights to decide who sees the admin area and the front end of the website, the WP Maintenance Mode plugin offers you a perfect setting. This plugin is free, simple, and very easy to install. Features include:

  • Google Analytics Support
  • WordPress Visual Editor
  • Facility to change the background
  • Subscription form
  • Count-down timer
  • Contact form
  • Social media profiles


This plugin offers the convenience of pooling data of visitors. A bot encourages the visitors to fill their details, which can be exported as a CSV file for later use. Successfully implemented in more than 0.5 million websites, this plugin commands a reasonably big fan base and is a great analytical website tool.


4. CMP — Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin

CMP — Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin
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WordPress Website Coming Soon Plugins do not only serve the purpose of making an announcement. Some website owners employ these plugins to restrict the blacklisted users from accessing it. CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin allows you to display a single landing page for the whole website, or sometimes just the home page, with a Coming Soon message inserted into the page layout.

This plugin offers the convenience of adding custom CSSs. You can also change fonts or colors when needed. Other basic features available are:

  • Google analytics support
  • SEO settings change option
  • Logo adjustment
  • Count-down timer
  • Subscription form
  • Background and content
  • Footer copyright


CMP bundle is designed to offer a better user experience. Site developers can pick from 3 template choices.


 5. Coming Soon Viral Page by Growtheme

Coming Soon Viral Page by Growtheme
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Coming Soon Viral Page by Growtheme offers a plethora of functionalities. Developers can enjoy seamless communication empowered by its integration with all popular email service providers like AWeber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and GetResponse.

It offers added ease in engaging the audience with features like:

  • Free thank you giveaways
  • Compatibility with all Free WordPress themes
  • Responsive design
  • Upload logo support
  • Support for adding custom styles and CSS
  • Traffic forward to coming soon page
  • Custom countdown timer
  • Background image upload


Use this WordPress plugin for all your advertising and publicity needs. Coming Soon Viral Page by Growtheme offers a no-expense way of building an email list from scratch, drive your audience to social media pages, and have visitor traffic without allotting a separate budget for advertising. SEO objectives can also be met with support for the same. Newsletter subscription supports the aggressive marketing initiatives empowered further by social media icons fueled driving of customer interest.


6. Coming Soon Booster

Coming Soon Booster
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Add oomph to the way of communication that you are coming soon with this stylish WP plugin – Coming Soon Booster. With a simple and seamless theme, the Coming Soon Booster helps to drive traffic and gauge customer interest at the pre-launch stage of your website by offering Contact Form and Newsletter subscription prompts.

This WP plugin offers complete freedom to the users by allowing them to change each element according to their preference. Customize the Background image and color, font, CSS elements, etc. There is nothing that you cannot make custom-fit to your brand image with this plugin. This booster can also give various user experience enhancement options by subscribing to its advanced or pro versions.


7. Under Construction 

Under Construction 
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You can make your maintenance mode quite visually pleasing with the Under Construction Plug-in. There are two landing page designs available to select in the free version. Main features of this WP plugin are:

  • WordPress visual editor
  • Enable login button
  • Custom footer
  • Social media icons
  • Ease of defining end time of maintenance with a timer
  • Granting access to select user roles who can view full website
  • Google Analytics and search engine indexing prevention option


Users can do a lot more with the layout and access a variety of functions quickly such as Design, Access, Support, Content, Security Ninja, and more. This plugin allows businesses to create a professional message and site design so they can engage customers even when the site is in maintenance mode.


8. Maintenance 

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With about 0.4 million websites using this WordPress plugin, this add-on is basking in the well-deserved glory. Maintenance is one of the simplest WordPress plugins and offers features such as:

  • Background image change option – Enable better relatability
  • Logo upload support
  • Word press visual editor – Alter content as required
  • Embed images and videos
  • Google Analytics Support – allows gauging the performance
  • Keeps specific posts and pages from displaying on the maintenance mode message page


User permissions and countdown timer allow developers to design customized access and keep the visitors engaged. You can also have a video background option, and social media profiles click option, and email subscription options that enable quicker and easier engagement of the visitors.


9. IgniteUp

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IgniteUp offers diverse options to users by providing four design templates. This plugin defines the user roles and allows them access to the website as per their roles and responsibilities. With the help of this plugin, you can activate IP whitelisting and grant access to the user via a specific URL. Some essential features include:

  • Logo, color, background and font customization
  • Only text addition allowed due to absence of WordPress media editor
  • Subscription form and subscriptions integrated with MailChimp, WordPress Database, or MailPoet
  • Contact form
  • Social media profile


A few premium themes in this plugin offer easy access to animation effects, video editing, location maps, and others.


10. Wrap up

Wrap up
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Take better charge of under maintenance situation by employing any of the WP plugins enlisted above. You can make site maintenance more interesting by using these plugins to display a front end better engages with site visitors and users.

With the use of features like logo, background image insertion, and footer/ header options, your site can gain a lot in terms of memory retention in your user’s mind. Additional features like subscription opt-in support, newsletter subscription list, email list, etc. enable you to gauge customer interest as the site owner.

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