Useful SEO Trends to Stick to in 2021

  • Mary Cuver
  • 16 May 2021

SEO plays a massive role in bringing traffic to your website and increasing your ROIs. This article will tell you about the SEO techniques worth learning in 2021 to stay on top of your game.

 We won’t be off beam if we say that SEO is a compound; this is because it has so many elements, due to which many people find search engine optimization too complicated. But it is the main ingredient in the world of digital marketing and having complete knowledge about it is vital for anyone who wants to make strides in their digital marketing career.

As time passes, different SEO tactics are introduced to assist website owners in getting their content on any search engine’s first page. If the SEO of a website is done correctly, traffic on your website increases substantially.

. No matter how many SEO tactics you use, if you are not paying attention to the content inside your website and your website’s interface, your website will always stay behind.

A new year means a new set of hot trends that will help your website grow. In this blog, we will discuss all the new trends that have come forward this year. The SEO specialists consider it crucial for people to have a know-how of all these tactics as they are surely going to make significant changes in your website’s progress.

1.     Keyword Research Will be more emphasized.

If you even know a bit about SEO, you must be fully aware of how essential it is to keep your Keyword research game strong. Google is advancing every day, and now it isn’t just focusing if you have used the keywords; Google is now focusing on the context of what the user types into the search bar.

The primary goal of Google is to provide its users with the relevant material for their searches by interpreting the purpose of the user’s query. This year, Keyword Research will achieve more popularity due to the increase in Google’s artificial intelligence.

It is essential to generate content that aims to tackle the queries people ask to reap the most benefits from the Keyword research tactic. Don’t forcefully add the keywords in your text; instead, write the text that revolves around the keyword.

2.     Evolved Predictive search

Google Discover changed the perspective of many users about searching. It introduced an entirely new kind of search method; this method does not require users to input a search query. Google discovers functions by observing the search queries of its users and then recommends relevant content. These tactics of Google Discover help generate content results that pique the interest of users.

There isn’t much you have to do to implement this trend. However, it would be best to make it to Google’s index by producing content that has the quality and is relevant to the user’s interest.

3.     Video content will thrive

People now prefer watching videos more as compared to reading written text. Using video content for the growth of your website is one of the most effective tactics. But many people are still ignorant about video content optimization.

The first step to start video optimization is by optimizing the name and description of your YouTube channel. But, you shouldn’t saturate the description with keywords and write a low-quality description. Instead of doing that, write creatively about the purpose of your channel and use keywords naturally.

The best way to hunt for keywords for video content is by typing the title of your video. The results that YouTube shows below are potential keywords that can increase your growth substantially.

4.     Polish Data and analytics techniques

If you look forward to getting along with your audience by sending them personalized messages, you must have a complete understanding of data analytics. Analytics can be defined as the process of collecting personal data for the sake of the acquisition of an actively involved audience.

To get your hands on the data, you will have to opt for an SEO analysis tool to assist you with all essential tasks such as on-page SEO, backlinking, and ranking. Furthermore, you will be able to keep track of what tactics attract the most traffic and what tactics repels the traffic as it lets you know what is happening on your website and why. This way, you can make alterations to your websites and your use of different techniques accordingly.

5.     Page Experience Factor will gain prominence.

The latest addition made in Google’s algorithm is Page experience. Page experience is a crucial part of Core Web Vitals—Core Web vitals comprises factors that let Google judge websites’ performance from the user’s point of view.

Website owners who want to make progress should have a comprehension of Page Experience and look after all the other required improvements.

In simpler words, Page experience means that you will have to view your website from a user’s point of view by shifting the majority of your focus on the loading time of pages and how long it takes the pages to respond to the user’s input.

Page experience is an immensely valuable addition to the SEO trends of 2021 as it can make any website’s productivity and make your rankings game stronger along with boosting the UX.

6.     Automated SEO will increase

One more that is expected to increase in terms of SEO in 2021 is the number of automated SEO tasks. We are going to see a drastic change in the quantity and standards of automated SEO tasks. This also indicates that the search engines will see substantial issues in keeping themselves protected from malware. Furthermore, people will prioritize the human-in-the-loop technique in order to escape fines and maintain efficiency.

Tools used by SEO specialists for their regular work are now introducing automated features to make site improvement convenient. The increase in the quantity of SEO automation features is excellent news because of its cheap rate and faster service.

Furthermore, it also makes it straightforward to analyze your competitors’ performance, which gives you an idea of what tactic you should be using.

7.     Voice command search will hike

A whopping 27% of the world’s population is now switching to voice search instead of typing their queries. The reason is pretty obvious; Voice search is exceptionally convenient and consumes the least amount of time and energy. As specified by recent research, in 2020, the use of voice search increased substantially, which means it is a valuable SEO technique for this year.

However, the people who use voice search expect a short and complete answer to their query. They won’t bother reading long blog posts; instead, they’d just a straightforward answer to their question.

Adding voice search optimization to the SEO techniques to polish and use in the way this year will be a great decision. Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant are some examples of the virtual assistants that people use most of the time when using the voice search feature.

Moreover, the answers google provides are usually from the first page or the first five high-ranking links. In order to make it to the first page of Google, you have to make sure if the SEO tricks you are using are fruitful.

8.     Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing and SEO don’t sound like things that might have any relation, right? But they do. Influencers have the power to compel millions of people. The digital marketing arena didn’t take long to use the influencer to promote different businesses.

Businesses and websites that are desperate to increase the traffic on their websites often use an influencer to target their required audience. When an influencer recommends a business to their audience, the sales that a business makes are insane. Here’s how influencers impact SEO:

  • If you opt for influencers for promoting your business, they can bring a lot of organic backlinks to the table.
  • When influencers design posts regarding your business that have quality, it is bound to go viral, and Google doesn’t let viral posts fall in its 2nd or 3rd pages. Therefore, Google ranks the post highest on its first page.
  • We all know how religiously people follow influencers. So, hiring influencers can also increase your social media account’s engagement substantially.


The up-and-coming SEO technique listed above should be in your expertise right away if you look forward to progress. The field of SEO keeps expanding as time passes. Along with the expansion, it is also becoming complex and competitive; therefore, getting high SERPs is tough but not impossible. With a little practice and learning, you will get the hang of the SEO techniques of 2021 within no time.

Google keeps evolving, which alters the metrics every now and then. Staying on top of your game will require your utmost attention and a combination of all the trending SEO tricks. It is best to opt for these SEO techniques instead of spending vast amounts on huge traffics because organic traffic you attract using SEO is far more in quantity and quality as compared to paid rankings.


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