GeneratePress Review: Is It The Fastest And Most Responsive Theme?

  • Mary Cuver
  • 07 Feb 2021

Are you having trouble finding an appropriate theme for your website? The market is saturated with useful and useless WordPress themes, making it tough to decide which one to opt for. However, the internet can provide you with a list of the best theme plug-ins; it leaves behind some worth the money and time you spent.


We are here to discuss GeneratePress, one of the WordPress themes that will fulfill all your needs. GeneratePress is an extremely lightweight theme for your WordPress website. Whether it is a news site WordPress theme or eCommerce theme, with the help of GeneratePress, you can get themes for any website you want.


Furthermore, it is also famous for its security and high speed. Opting for this theme will be the best decision and will save you from facing hurdles that a slow speed theme would have brought to your website.


After going through this detailed GeneratePress review, you will have a clearer insight into the GeneratePress theme. Therefore, we have included all of the possible drawbacks, benefits, and features in this article.


About GeneratePress



GeneratePress is a WordPress theme that primarily focuses on providing higher speed and accessibility. The GeneratePress theme’s basic package is free of cost; however, they have added additional features to the premium plug-in if you want to access a wide range of features that make your experience with GeneratePress even easier.


The primary focus of the developers of GeneratePress is to provide accessibility and high speed that still hasn’t been attained by any other WordPress theme builder. Moreover, GeneratePress is made to be a lightweight theme that can integrate with almost all types of websites.


Nevertheless, this theme’s lightweight property does not mean that the developers have compromised on the features. The features are beneficial and user-friendly.

GeneratePress offers a wide range of customization one would require while handling a website without slowing down your website’s speed.


WordPress GeneratePress theme developers are keen to ensure that they value their user’s privacy. Therefore, GeneratePress is made to be stable, secure, and optimized.


GeneratePress Key Features

GeneratePress Key features



Having the free version of GeneratePress alone means that you can access its highly polished features and have a smooth experience with this lightweight theme for your WordPress website. However, if you look forward to getting access to the Site Library, Colors, Typography, WooCommerce, Menu Plus, and Import/Export, you will have to purchase the premium version. We will discuss the WordPress GeneratePress features below.

High-level Performance


As we have already mentioned, GeneratePress is a great lightweight theme to opt for if you want to preserve your website’s aesthetic and speed. It accompanies all the features that make the performance of a WordPress theme superior to the others.


GeneratePress developers made light and fast speed their prime focus while developing this mighty theme. Its easy accessibility and fast speed have convinced several users to switch to this theme. Therefore, it is safe to say that GeneratePress Theme does not disappoint when it comes to performance.


Security ensured


The developers of GeneratePress claim that their theme is highly secure and that the user wouldn’t have to worry about their privacy when using the theme for their websites.

Checking the security system while looking for a WordPress theme should be the first thing on your priority list. Therefore, the security level of GeneratePress is tried and tested. Furthermore, it is free of any security vulnerabilities and is kept up-to-date for the sake of your website.


Choosing WordPress GeneratePress means that you won’t have to deal the frequent unnecessary bugs and compatibility errors. Its security system makes it impossible for a hacker to breach its security as the developers have tried their best to not leave any loopholes for them.



Light as a feather

Lightweight theme

The GeneratePress theme is famous for the extreme lightweight it brings when you add it to your website. Unlike other themes that slow down your website to the extent that it becomes excruciating, WordPress GeneratePress does not allow such a thing to happen.


The lightweight feature allows your website to load pages faster than the speed you would have had if it was a mediocre WordPress theme. The value of this WordPress theme is amplified because it does not just add splendor to your website but also helps the website building process go faster. The WordPress GeneratePress theme adds less than10kb to your website’s page to prevent slow processing.


No support for dependencies


The WordPress GeneratePress developers have clearly stated that they don’t use jQuery as it invites many conflicts on your website’s page. Instead, they use vanilla JavaScript to ensure an excellent loading experience for visitors.

This way, the content that’s not being viewed will not be loaded, which means the process will consume less time resulting in faster loading.


GeneratePress is one of the few themes or plug-ins that have ditched jQuery and moved to JavaScript as it is a much better choice when compared.


Search Engine Optimized


WordPress GeneratePress is search engine optimized; this feature surpasses all the other features as it is a beneficial one. Choosing an SEO friendly theme for your WordPress is critical if you are eager to see your website on the first page of Google.


Search engine optimized themes allow your other SEO tactics such as keyword usage and backlinking to work effectively.


Furthermore, it has Scheme Markup. Scheme Markup is responsible for providing all the information to Google and many search engines, making your rankings better.


Easy Accessibility


It is an open secret that your website is bound to be more successful if you make it easily accessible. Fortunately, WordPress GeneratePress has the accessibility that will be worth your time and resources.


Making a theme that is both accessible and efficient is a tough job, but it makes the website successful within no time. In regard to accessibility, if you want the best for your website, you should go for paid themes as they offer better accessibility.


Some things that favorably affect the accessibility of a theme builder are Keyboard navigation, color contrast, Markup Quality, and fonts.


Pros and cons of GeneratePress Theme





  • GeneratePress provides substantial assistance from the creators. It is deemed to be a perfect fit for developers due to its customization options and filters.
  • WordPress GeneratePress provides integration for WooCommerce if one has an eCommerce website. This feature detains the lousy task of finding another theme.
  • GeneratePress has extended documentation for the sake of beginners. They have videos and articles through which a new person can get the hang of GeneratePress with flying colors.
  • The primary and basic package of GeneratePress is free. However, if you want to get your hands on enhanced customization options and better functionality, opt for the premium version.
  • The pricing of the GeneratePress theme is pretty reasonable, considering the features it offers. It costs $49.95 and can be sued on countless websites.
  • There are no other undisclosed costs when one signs up for their free account.
  • If you have any queries regarding the theme functionality, you can post it on their forum, through which they give instant replies to your concerns.
  • GeneratePress is highly compatible with all page developers, such as thrive architecture and Elementor.
  • Furthermore, it is compatible with all necessary plug-ins such as YOAST, WooCommerce, and Schema.
  • GeneratePress provides a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase their premium version.




  • Opting for the free version might not be as beneficial as a premium version would be. The free version has limitations to the features that you can remove by purchasing the premium version.
  • Although GeneratePress is compatible with many third-party apps, several plug-ins are not compatible with this theme.
  • A few fragments of the theme seem old-fashioned. It is a six-year-old theme; therefore, updating it will be better.


GeneratePress Theme Pricing

Pricing options

As we have mentioned above, the basic package of the GeneratePress theme is entirely free but has certain limitations. Purchasing the premium package will do more good such as unlocking all premium modules.

The premium package offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, limitless website usage, and customer support. Here is the pricing of the WordPress GeneratePress theme



Keeping your website all pretty and fast is the goal of every website owner. However, many fail to achieve this goal due to the poor selection of WordPress themes. Therefore, Our GeneratePress review is here to put an end to all your theme issues. GeneratePress is the fastest WordPress theme and has all the features one looks for while searching for its WordPress website’s ideal theme.


Selecting GeneratePress is probably the best thing you can do to make your website thrive. It doesn’t just offer themes but also accommodates several other functions that make your website successful in a short period.

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