Free WordPress Header Plugins to Create Great Website Headers

  • Manish Sharma
  • 22 Aug 2020

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms that you can use to create a blog, news site, or e-commerce site. The abundance of available plugins mean you can do a ton when it comes to website design.

The website header is where users can access the most crucial information about your business or website. Website owners usually use this place for their brand logo, contact details, or brand name. The idea is to build customer trust while spreading the visibility of the business.

The WordPress website header has a lot to offer to your end-users. You can make the best use of this space by employing header plugins, which allow you to create dynamic headers designed with a purpose.

With plugins for almost everything you need to enrich your website, there’s no shame in feeling overwhelmed when you need to pick one from a deluge of options. To ease the selection woes, we’ve picked out some of the best WordPress header plugins that have garnered rave reviews in the past few years.

Unique header:

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Have an appealing, exclusive, customer header idea in mind? The Unique header plugin delivers precisely these virtues effortlessly. The plugin allows the user to replicate the header in select categories or tags. Don’t worry if you’re not a coding expert, you can still use the header’s luxury and make your website look complete.

This plugin allows you to add images from the WordPress media library, so the opportunities are endless for visuals when it comes to your site. Users can experiment with a wide variety of looks to help the brand keep reinventing the self.

Best Features:

  • Supports easy enabling and disabling of headers
  • Easy personalization possible with user-friendly features
  • Applicable to parent category and tags
  • Drag-and-drop convenience – no coding knowledge required!
  • Useful for adding header images to posts or web pages


Fixed & Sticky header:

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Bring more stickiness on to your header with the Fixed & Sticky header plugin. This plugin helps achieve better usability and seamless navigation of your website. One of the best features is that it allows the menu to remain visible to the user most of the time. You can also add a dash of personalization with custom colors, fonts, and backgrounds, to create a personal header for your site. Absolutely free, this plugin shows whatever changes you make in a matter of a few seconds!

Best features:

  • Exceptionally user-friendly interface
  • Easy set-up and installation process
  • Background and font color to add to your website’s personality
  • Better ease of customization
  • Fixed header for a particular scroll


Mega Main Menu:

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The Mega header plugin lives up to its name with an impressive range of personalization options. Personalizing your header will help you to create a personality for your brand and website. This header plugin is compatible with all browsers and is quite responsive as well.

Best features

  • Unlimited style and variations of design that blend with your website personality
  • Enable or disable stickiness as desired
  • Compatible with multiple browsers and devices
  • Different menu styles available in drop-down style
  • Translation-ready and supports WPML


WP Header Bar:

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WP Header Bar plugin helps you engage with the audience while introducing the primary features to the website. This header plugin comprises visually appealing elements that can enable quick navigation of the website. With the help of social media icons, attractive CTAs, and many more, this plugin can add to the palatability of the website interface.

Best features

  • Unlimited notification bars facility
  • Live customizer with real-time view support
  • Compatible with third-party plugins like WooCommerce
  • Header display scheduling support
  • Personalization support for height, width and using custom color choice
  • Provision for adding shortcodes available



Image Source:

Convenience doesn’t have to come at a cost. With Ad-Inserter you can talk pure business in a way that visitors can easily understand. In addition to giving a tasteful introduction to the website, Ad-inserter allows you to promote the site right from the header by posting ads about various services the business has designed for its end users. Advertisements of all kinds – ads, Google AdSense, etc. are possible to insert in the website’s header with this plugin. The best part is no ad looks out of place. With the convenience of having the ad match the site aesthetics, the site owners can make ads an integrated part of the website’s visual design.

Best features

  • Easy copy and paste functionality
  • Truly versatile and conveniently flexible
  • Best support for all possible ad niches
  • Custom alignment procedure to complement all styles of ads
  • Automated ad insertion support


Pearl Header Builder:

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Pearl Header Builder is an free header plugin that is WordPress approved as well. This support tool is compatible with WordPress v4.6 and above. With a plethora of ready-to-insert headers provided, this plugin allows easy and quick alteration of the header. It also provides the ability to create the header from scratch! Users can include text, images, logos, and animations, etc. to create a more enriched design. You can also customize the text in the font and color of your choice.

Best Features

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • Ease of selecting a top, right or left to achieve various design formats
  • Sticky header allows easy navigation of the website
  • Supports time-saving and seamless navigation
  • Easy installation set-up and plugin access
  • Header background image insertion possible
  • Best-suited for any WordPress business user


Sticky Menu (or Anything) on Scroll:

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Sticky Menu WordPress header plugin is useful for making any element on the web page comfortably sticky. Though the primary use focuses on sticking the menu to the top of your site, it can be used to add a header. This header plugin allows adding stickiness quotients to logos, promotional banners, and CTA boxes. The only drawback is that it will enable making only one element sticky at a time.

Best Features

  • Keeps admin toolbar on the page’s top unaltered
  • Sticky header and top of the page possible to separate by adding space
  • Element with unique class, ID or name selected for sticking
  • Allows specifying screen size by defining minimum and maximum limits
  • Any element that hits the top can be made sticky with this plugin



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The MyStickyMenu is unique because it allows making the header sticky after a selected number of pixels while scrolling. This header plugin is used best when making announcements and promotions messages, and other discount or user participation schemes. It is a very lightweight plugin that promotes a seamless and time-saving mode of site navigation.

Best Features

  • Support for setting scheduled display of announcements
  • No coding skill requirement
  • Offers easy navigation of the site exactly when user wants
  • Can impact user visit and sticking to site positively
  • Multi-language support to achieve localized headers
  • Designed to complement a wide variety of themes including Travelify, Graduate, Twenty Eleven and many others
  • Fade or slide effect possible to create
  • Support for changing font and background color, sticky transition time, opacity and similar characteristics

This header plugin is available in the pro and standard versions. The standard version is free and offers various basic functionalities. The pro version provides a more enriched features menu.


Sticky Header Effects for Eliminator:

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Sticky Header Effects for Eliminator may appear more advanced to the users who have worked with Elementor Pro 2.0. This header plugin allows you to change background height and color when scrolling a web page. However, it is not a standalone plugin and rides on the Elementor pro page builder’s plus points to yield considerable outcomes. Quite responsive, it allows designing the header for the websites to be accessed on all sorts of prevalent devices.

Best features

  • Compatible to all browsers
  • Built-in options panel
  • Fully transparent header with appealing backgrounds


Woody ad snippets – Insert Header Footer Code, AdSense Ads:

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This header plugin allows you to reuse the same content and create multiple pages with identical content. Manual adding of various analytics features like Google Analytics, etc. find a natural alternative in this header plugin. Using this plugin, you can store code snippets in a predefined library at the admin bar. Insertion of Google AdSense and other ads helps to make the website more supportive of revenue generation.

Best features

  • Best support for basic PHP coding experts who can store code snippets on conditional logic
  • Easy insertion of social media and other functional widgets
  • Support for saving templates for reuse in future
  • Offers quick and easy access to analytics by allowing insertion of Google Analytics and other performance metrics in the header and other desired sections of the website
  • Allows using other plugins through shortcodes


Wrapping up 

Headers are meant to provide a tasteful introduction to your website while maintaining a palatability quotient. WordPress plugins offer the convenience of designing headers that can help you create a more user-friendly site experience. A part of UX design, header plugins provide a variety of engaging outcomes that contribute to better looks and utility for your website.

Free WordPress website plugins allow you to practice designing and playing around with your site, and prepare developers for better design opportunities. When looking for a plugin, you’ll want to search for the ones that best meet your purpose and provide a cosmetic and functional enhancement to your WordPress website.

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