Elementor vs. Divi page builder which is the best choice for your business: Review and compared

  • Mary Cuver
  • 18 May 2021

You must be here to know which WordPress page builder will work best for your business website and if it will pay off?

If you go with the wrong one, it’ll lead you to either of these situations

  • One wrong step can cost you hundreds of dollars
  • Or your site can be prone to vulnerabilities
  • Limited options to scale up your business in future

But, luckily after reading this review, you’ll finally be able to find out which one will work best for your future business. I’ll explain step by step all the benefits, disadvantages, and everything that you need to know before making the final decision

Hold on! You may be looking for a quick review where you could see some perks of using Divi or Elementor. Check here a few glimpses of using Elementor and Divi

Perks of using Divi

Divi page builder

  • Divi comes with a lifetime access offer for only $249, including every feature you will need to build a website. It’s the most lucrative offer for agencies who can avail of this opportunity and then create websites of hundreds of clients with the most result-oriented page builder
  • The support is excellent and if you think in the future you need support on a recurrent basis, then go for Divi
  • Beginners love to use Divi because of its user-friendly interface and ready-to-use layouts. But is way more beneficial for web designers because you can instantly create and customize any ready to use templates
  • You’ll get access to a premium WordPress theme along with this exceptionally high page builder.

Perks of using Elementor


The most convincing feature of using Elementor is that it comes with a free version, and anyone can create beautiful landing pages without spending a single penny.

  • You are a solo entrepreneur and will be working only on a single site
  • You have already got the theme and need the best page builder to start working on it
  • Having limited funds and looking for a free page builder
  • You love to work speedily and fast, then Elementor will be your choice because it has an exceptionally fast page loading speed.

Here is a quick comparison list of unique features of both Elementor and Divi for your convenience.



Unique Features Divi page builder Elementor page builder Topper
User base  over 1.3M users worldwide Over 1.4M  users worldwide Both
Visual Builder Yes with drag and drop visual editing facility Yes with drag and drop visual editing facility and a left hand side editing panel Divi
Pricing $89/yr. for a single site or $249 for a lifetime Download a FREE version. The Pro version at $49/yr. For single site and $199/yr. For 1000 sites. Divi
Modules (Elements) 40+ 90+ Elementor
Pre-made templates 800+ Premade designs and 100+ full website packs  Pro version comes with 300+ Divi
customizable headers and footers sections No Yes Elementor
customizable single post & archive pages No Yes Elementor
Community Active Facebook group where users can communicate and exchange their views and help Active Facebook group where users can communicate and exchange their views and help Both


Divi Page builder – A mega factory of website building tools

divi library

Divi page builder has hit massive records of popularity with over 1.3M active installation. The reason behind its multifold hits is its proven records of usefulness for freelancers, website designers, agencies, and site owners where they can wet their hands with beautiful customized sites with responsive layouts and then grow massively using social media targeting.

The most loved features of Divi builders are

  • Unlimited access to all of its exclusive features with a single lifetime access payment of $249.
  • Simple pricing structure without any hidden charges of $249 lifetime
  • Divi has a strong support system and a thriving Facebook community where people interact, improve and support each other.

Elementor Page Builder- the most popular page builder for solopreneurs and businesses

Elementor library

Elementor has its huge follower base mainly because of its free version and ability to customize layouts to the next level. Especially, Elementor works wonderfully well for the solopreneurs or single business website, and you can do multiple customizations even with the free version. And if you like to go with the advanced level features, you can buy the pro version. Another great way to achieve next-level Elementor customization is to use add-ons to enhance the page builder’s functionality beyond the extent.

The pro version of Elementor is packed with more than 300+ pro templates. Also, you’ll be able to customize the theme with a theme builder. The theme builder will help you customize the header and footer section, single post templates. Also, you can customize any element in the real-time mode visually.

Elementor vs. Divi Key Features

Let’s find out the common ground of Elementor and Divi and how they offer unique features to their customers.

Visual Drag and drop interface facility

The first and the most important thing that we notice when using a page builder is its interface and how it allows its users to interact with features.

Both offer a user-friendly interface where Elementor has a fixed editing panel on the left side. In contrast, Divi offers a full-width visual editor where you can see any element’s full options when clicked on the single button. These are floating icons that become visible

While in Elementor, drag and drop any element from the editing panel and then customize them in real-time.

Elementor’s editing sidebar is much more practical and convenient when customizing your elements, and you can easily control how your element looks. Click on the element or widget when you want to customize it, and its settings will open in the sidebar wherefrom you can edit it easily.

Winner: Both are providing user-friendly interfaces in their unique way. Elementor has a dedicated sidebar, while Divi offers floating buttons which pop in or out whenever you hover over the icon. So, it’s all about personal choice which one you prefer the most.


Styling Elements and Modules Elementor vs. Divi

Divi is packed with more than 40 elements, and also the developers are working hard to improve the quality of the elements. You can also wet your hands with third-party Add-ons to avail of the advanced customization.

Elementor introduces its elements as Module, and as compared to Divi, Elementor offers a plethora of Modules around 59. Also, there is a library, namely Ultimate Add-Ons for Elementor, to enhance the modules’ flexibility.

Winner: Elementor has a clear edge over Divi as it is offering more dedicated Modules than Divi.

Responsive layouts as per device Elementor Vs. Divi

Both have developed generous, responsive layouts so your designs could look beautiful on all devices automatically.

You’ll find a dedicated icon at the bottom of Elementor’s editor where you can switch between desktop, mobile, and tablet preview and fix things as per the device’s layout.

Divi also let you customize layouts as per screen size and can easily adjust layouts as per settings of screen sizes.

Winner: it’s a tie between both page builders because they have done a good job keeping their layouts responsive to a great extent.

Theme builder options Elementor vs. Divi

Elementor and Divi both have theme-building functionality, and you are not limited to create and customize only page sections. The theme builder will customize your website’s header and footer area, single-page area, archive pages. Divi lets you edit your theme templates with the help of a backend interface. Also, if you like to edit the header section, use the frontend visual builder.

Elementor visual builder will help you in redesigning your theme template by using dedicated widgets also a dedicated content feature template



As we mentioned earlier that Elementor has a free version that is packed with many valuable features enough for a single site and if you need an advanced level, then go for a premium version with plus size and unlimited website access options.

Elementor pricing

Divi has two pricing tiers; yearly access at $89/ year and $249/ lifetime access.

Divi pricing

If you are a website designer, then go for Divi to create and customize unlimited websites with lifetime access. Also, you’ll get Divi theme access with all other elegant themes with this lifetime package.


Which is the winner, Elementor or Divi?

It’s time to share my final Verdict now and what do I recommend the most.

I think both page builders are incredible and come with an extravaganza of features, modules, and customization abilities.

Which one works best for you? It’s all about the matter of preferences and the features you will need the most. If you like to include a popup builder, then go with Elementor, and if you occasionally use A/B testing, then Divi will work best.

The second most important reason is your budget. If you are on a budget and don’t want to buy any premium page builder, then Elementor will suffice you and if you will be working on multiple websites, then Divi will be yours strongest ally in the long run.

Before locking on anyone of these page builders, play around to find out which one works best for you.



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