Everything You Need to Know About AdSense WordPress Plugins

  • Manish Sharma
  • 26 Aug 2020

It’s easy to find out how to run your business’s webpage. The Internet is full of expert advice on creating engaging content, optimizing your page, and more.

It’s much harder to learn how to make money from your website.

Many monetization tools are available, but if you have a WordPress site, the best way to start is with AdSense plugins. Let’s explore some common options and see which AdSense plugin is the best for you.

Are Plugins Worth the Work?

The WordPress community is always divided on AdSense plugins. Some users love AdSense while others call it trash. When you’re just starting, it can be hard to figure out what to do.

However, AdSense can bring lots of money to your site. Any SEO website needs to attract traffic to make revenue. WordPress is no different. The better content you post, the more readers you’ll attract to visit, subscribe, and interact with your site. If you build enough traffic, your site can become your paycheck.

If your site is seeing heavy visitor counts, AdSense is a powerful tool to boost your income. Here are some strategies to grow your AdSense earnings.

  • Choose which ads users will see
  • Decide ad size
  • Consider the traffic your site gets

Remember that AdSense doesn’t bring traffic to your site. Instead, it optimizes your ads to help your site look attractive and authoritative. High-quality content is what attracts users and generates ad revenue.

How Good Are AdSense Plugins?

When your site is new, you can expect constant emails and ads from plugin developers, all asking you to install their product. Why is Google AdSense the best choice? Explore the benefits of AdSense plugins to learn more.

Your Account Must Be In Good Standing

You can be your own boss with SEO websites, but you’ll still need to follow rules. Both WordPress and AdSense have terms of service you’ll need to follow to use their products. Your account can be suspended or banned if you break these agreements, so make sure to follow the conditions.

Maintain a quality WordPress site for the best AdSense results. You should resolve any warnings and alerts as soon as you receive them to keep your account in good standing. As long as your account is on good terms, you’ll be able to receive AdSense payments.

Optimize Your Content

Readers don’t like dull, repetitive sites. Experiment with AdSense to optimize the ads on your page. You can adjust elements such as placement, colour, size, border, and other ad details. Customized ads help your readers stay interested in your site.

How can you optimize AdSense ads?

  • Arrange ads following body text, headings, and subheads
  • Finish your post with an ad
  • Determine how many ads are shown to users
  • Select the ads to display
  • Choose the timeline when ads display
  • Resize and relocate ads to fit your page layout

Integrate With Other Networks

Once you’ve established your WordPress site and AdSense plugin, you’ll realize that you can only display a fixed number of ads.

If you’re ambitious and ready to earn more from your site, you can bring in more revenue by working with other ad networks. WordPress allows you to link several ad accounts to a single page.

Explore several ad accounts and see which is the highest paying. You can also develop an ad dashboard to easily manage all your ads at once.

Easy Account Management

If you try to run ads on your page without using AdSense, you’ll be doing extra work with nothing to show for it.

It’s easy to make mistakes when you manually insert ads to your page. You need to copy ad codes and paste them wherever you want the ad to run. There’s also the chance that you make a mistake when creating your ad, causing it not to run. This fills your site with broken ads, ruing all your hard work and destroying your user experience. It’s better to let AdSense manage ads on your behalf.

How To Install AdSense Plugins

First, you must create a Google account. You need to sign in to your Google account to add AdSense.

Second, make sure your WordPress account is in good standing with no alerts or warnings.

Next, you’ll need to be approved by AdSense. Fill out a simple application form that includes your website’s URL, description, and some other basic information. You’ll also need to supply your bank information for payment, plus a contact number for account verification.

You’ll receive an HTML code to add to your website once your AdSense application is approved.

After you paste the HTML code into your website, your work is done. AdSense will verify your account complies with their terms within 48 hours. Once this step is complete, the AdSense plugin will be fully installed on your site.

Where Should You Start?

Now that you know more about AdSense, it’s time to explore some of the top AdSense plugins currently available for WordPress.

1. Ads Pro Plugin

Ads Pro Plugin By Codecanyon
Source: Codecanyon

This premium plugin is available through the CodeCanyon store. You’ll enjoy many features, such as integration with other ad networks. You can manage all of your ads through AdSense or your dashboard.

Many ads with this plugin can be customized according to your preference, as well as scheduled to run at set times. Your users will enjoy mobile-friendly, location-focused ads that are relevant to their lives.

2. Adning Advertising

Adning Advertising Adsense WordPress Plugin
Image Source: Codecanyon

Adning is a less complicated ad management tool that’s still loaded with features. It allows you to display many ads from dozens of networks. This tool is perfect for websites that run many different, customized ads.

Adning supports the following types of ads:

  • HTML ads
  • Image and text ads
  • Ads within pop-ups
  • Video ads
  • Ads within content
  • Post feed ads
  • Notification bar ads
  • Full-width background ads
  • Attention-grabbing corner-peel ads
  • Parallax scrolling ads

Adning also allows you to create HTML ad banners that integrate with AdSense banners.

You can reposition ads, display filters, and show ads based on a user’s geographic area. You can also work directly with sellers to give them ad space through Adning.

3. Quick AdSense

Image Source: quickadsense.com

This AdSense plugin includes many features designed for beginners. You can explore a few necessary customizations without being confused by endless choices. The plugin is easy and intuitive to install and offers video tutorials to help if you get stuck.

Quick AdSense displays three default ads and allows you to see seven other ads. It’s easy to customize your ads thanks to a user-friendly menu.

Getting Started

AdSense plugin is the perfect tool for website owners who are ready to monetize their sites. There are many great AdSense options, so leave us a comment to let us know which one you’re using.

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